Updating ZoomFloppy Firmware on OS X

Jim Brain had a few ZoomFloppy units that managed to ship to customers without any firmware and I was one of the recipients of an un-programmed unit.  The solution is fairly straightforward for Windows users since the software to update firmware is included in the Windows installation package.

For Mac users it’s a bit more tricky.  There were some instructions posted on Lallafa’s blog but the instructions were outdated and no longer correct.  I posted a message to the ZoomFloppy Google Group and quickly received a response from Nate Lawson, the designer of the ZoomFloppy.  He was able to determine that a different library (libusb-compat) was needed to satisfy a dependency in building xum1541cfg.  In short order I had xum1541cfg installed.  Jim Brain asked for assistance for another customer using a Mac who was having some difficulty and I offered to type up some instructions to help out.

I’m posting the complete instructions for updating ZoomFloppy firmware on OS X here both for my own reference and to help out any fellow Mac users who have difficulty installing OpenCBM and the xum1541cfg utility.  These instructions cover building OpenCBM, updating the ZoomFloppy firmware and performing some basic interaction with your 15×1 drive on an OS X machine.

  1. Install Install Xcode and the Xcode Command Line Tools. Xcode is a free download available from the App Store at: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/xcode/id497799835
    Note that once you have Xcode installed you can install the Xcode command line tools by entering the following in a Terminal window:

    xcode-select --install
  1. Agree to Xcode license. Open Terminal and enter the command:
    sudo xcodebuild -license

    (You will need to scroll all the way to the bottom and type ‘agree’)

  1. Install MacPorts. Instructions for installing MacPorts are available here: https://www.macports.org/install.php If you’re running OSX Mavericks, use the install package here: https://distfiles.macports.org/MacPorts/MacPorts-2.3.1-10.9-Mavericks.pkg
  1. Install OpenCBM for OSX. Lallafa has instructions for installing OpenCBM on his website at: http://lallafa.de/blog/c64-projects/opencbm-on-mac/ Note that the instructions that are on his site for installing xum1541cfg (the utility used to update the firmare on your ZoomFloppy) are no longer correct – you’ll want to follow the steps outlined below in order to update your firmware.
  1. Get a copy of the xum1541cfg source code for from Nate Lawson’s website: http://www.root.org/~nate/c64/xum1541cfg.tar.gz
    curl -o xum1541cfg.tar.gz http://www.root.org/~nate/c64/xum1541cfg.tar.gz
  1. Uncompress and untar the xum1541 source code by entering the following in a terminal window:
    tar –zxvf xum1541cfg.tar.gz
  1. Change to the newly created directory containing the source code:
    cd xum1541cfg
  1. Install two USB packages using MacPorts. These are a required dependency to get the USB headers that you will need in order to compile xum1541cfg.
    sudo port install libusb-compat
    sudo port install libusb
  1. Build the xum1541cfg binary:
    make -f LINUX/Makefile
  1. Download the latest ZoomFloppy firmware and place it in the same directory as xum1541cfg. The latest firmware can be downloaded from: http://sourceforge.net/p/opencbm/code/ci/master/tree/xum1541/xum1541-ZOOMFLOPPY-v07.hex?format=raw
  1. Update/Install the ZoomFloppy firmware by executing the command:
    ./xum1541cfg update xum1541-ZOOMFLOPPY-v07.hex

    The ZoomFloppy should now have the latest firmware installed. You can test the ZoomFloppy by connecting your disk drive and executing the command:

    cbmctrl detect

    Which should return:

    00, ok,00,00

If you run into any problems along the way, I would suggest posting to the ZoomFloppy Google Group.

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